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United Council of Rajasthan Industries ( UCORI )

                             Guide Line for Membership

Any entrepreneur can become member of UCORI in a simple way as mentioned below :

01. Download MEMBER SHIP FORM from Web-Site.

02. Fill the Form completely

03. Proof of existance of the person who wants to be a member in the consitution of Industry

04. Copy Of Documents to establish existence of the industry such as Udhyog Adhar/DIC registration , GST

      registration, Electricity bill, Allotment of land, or any other document acceptable by executive body of UCORI 

05. Recommendations on the form for membership by existing members of UCORI

06. Two Photographs of the person who wants to be a member

07. Membership fee in shape of Cheque /  Demand Draft / NEFT or Cash as mentioned below

       I)   Entry fee for Individual member                     Rs.   3000/-

      II)   Entry fee for associations                                 Rs.   1100/-

     III)  Subscription For member (Life Time)            Rs.   5000/-

                 Subscription For member (Yearly)              Rs.     500/-

     IV)  Subscription For associations (Life Time)      Rs.  11000/-

      V)  Subscription (Yearly)                                         Rs.   1100/-   

 08.  Membership shall be subject to the confirmation by executive body .  

Download Membership Form for Members

Become a Member


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