Coffee Table Book - ICON

Welcome to the first ever “The Great Rajasthan Industry’s-ICON”. A biographic of entrepreneurs of Rajasthan industry who became a milestone. This is a very prestigious coffee table book which will cover the celebrities of all major segments of industries and it’s a kind of first book which is never ever launched in the history of Rajasthan. The book will contain more than two hundred pages.

Values of Coffee Table Book : ICON
This Coffee Table Book ICON is going to be a face and motivation for growing Industries, who wish to become big shots in Industries. This book will be a biggest successful tool for all of them who are really willing to be bigger in their field. This book shall be also a base for new industrialists to know in details about the Industries of Rajasthan and Industrial idols. This book shall be distributed amongst top notch dignitaries of India. In addition to the industrialists the common people will also be aware about the top most Rajasthan Industrial ICONs. This book is a platform to showcase your past experiences to target new and old entrepreneurs both national and international.


Launch of the product : ICON
A grand launch of ICON is in upcoming big thing of Rajasthan industry that is UIC- UCORI INDUSTRIAL CONVENTION. Held at prestigious Hotel  --- Jaipur, India. UIC is the base of launching the prestigious Coffee Table Book. UIC is the premium and the biggest Industrial fraternity convention ever in the history of Rajasthan. It is a convention which will roll on for one day and each Industrial fraternity will have new vision and focus. The Industrialists and Associations from all corners of Rajasthan will be together through their selective delegates to share their thoughts and achievements.

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